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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Birthday in Suburbia

In the end even though she was only turning two we invited something close to eighty people.


In the beginning even though she was only two we held a joint party with her best friend.


In the middle even though the cake had been cut and served a second wave of guests arrived, extending the party out for another hour.


In the beginning even though it was her birthday party we insisted on No Gifts.


In the middle we saw that some people had brought gifts along anyway, and we knew Erin would love them like she loves everything else in her piles of toys and books stored on the edge of a dining room without a table.


In the end we raised 228 lbs of food for the Second Harvest Food Bank.


In the middle there were bubbles everywhere.


In the end there were once-more empty tables.


In the beginning Emily decided to bake Cup Cones for the party.


In the beginning we wondered how to throw a suburban birthday party for a kid who is just as happy to wander on her own as to see her friends from around town.


In the middle we were surprised at how much fun it all was.


And in the end our little pink butterfly had a pretty good birthday party.



MFA Mama said...

Oh holy crap. She totally has your eyes. Awww.

Swirl Girl said...

Nothing beats bubbles and beauties.

Anonymous said...

Gah! She's so freakin' adorable. I can't get over it.

And bubbles and butterfly wings are so on the list for my next birthday.

for a different kind of girl said...

If I could walk around with fairy wings on all the time, don't doubt for a second I'd say no thanks to that. Would it be as cute as Erin doing it? Not likely, but girls with fairy wings on don't care.

She's terribly cute, and it looks like it was a fantastic time. You are, of course, on track for royal wedding proportions for when she marries.

RobMonroe said...

Looks like a good time - and I really like the idea of bringing food for a shelter.

Nibblet's Mom said...

Oh.My.God!!! That little girl is just gorgeous! You and your wife know how to throw one heck of a 2 year old birthday party. Any nifty ideas you would be will share for a 1 year old's birthday/adoption finalization party???? Pretty please????

kyooty said...

That's one Happy Birthday!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad the joint picnic-party worked out for all!

PAPATV said...

Very sweet, Sean.

I really enjoyed this.

A great post (and memories) for your daughter to look back on.

Elisa said...

She is so gorgeous! And the party looks really fun :-) Holy crap you guys, 80 people! You are brave souls :-)

Emily said...

Such an adorable party and its so great to see adults looking relaxed at a kids party - the kids have way more fun that way! She's adorable!

Mike and Jill said...

Looks like a great party! She is adorable! LOVE the idea to gather donations for the food bank--will remember!

The Scholastic Decoder said...

Wow. EIGHTY?! We had a birthday party onSunday - 7 girls plus mine. Still, it looks like fun, and she is cute as a bug's ear. Happy birthday, little girl!

Ali said...

mmm...cup cones....


Aunt Becky said...

I'm hung up on the cup cones. And the fact that your daughter is so flipping cute.

Headless Mom said...

She's gorgeous!

Assertagirl said...

What a beautiful party! There were more people there than at my wedding. ha

Happy Birthday!

Danielle said...

Looks so fun! She's so beautiful!!

Happy Birthday to Erin!

(A long time ago you had a video of Erin playing in puddles. My boys were VERY interested in who she was when they saw me watching. "Who's that girl Mommy? Can we play with her? She's splashing! Can she come over?" They haven't grasped the invisi-friends concept yet... :) )

(And why is my word verification dempokin. uh....)

anymommy said...

You guys are crazy. Eighty people! I would freak. But, she looks beautiful and relaxed - so glad you had a good time.

I LOVE the food bank idea!!

rockabyedad said...

Oh totally cool! We've got a 3 week old girl at home. I can't wait to do bubbles and wings @ 2 yrs old with her!

Glad I found your blog - cool to see another Dad writing about his little girl!

Anonymous said...

She is DROP DEAD gorgeous. You are soooo in trouble, Dad!
My girl turns 4 in a couple of months, and I am thinking of asking for food donations too. She just DOES NOT need any more toys!