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Thursday, April 3, 2008

This one is going to Parent Hacks...Doh!

So, I was making some pasta for dinner tonight.

And next to the jar of spaghetti sauce I was about to use I noticed the remnants of our baby food days. Squash. Carrots. Garden Vegetables. All of those lovely little packets that Erin had decided she was never ever ever going to eat from again.

Pasta. Baby food. Pasta. Baby food.

Oh my god. (Forehead Slap!)

Use. The. Baby. Food. As. A. Pasta. Sauce. Dumbass.

One of the problems with tomato sauce as a coating for pasta for Erin is that she likes to smear it all over hear face, hair, and arms, and then gets it in her eyes. It's a little acidic, so this is not fun for anyone. The baby food, however, has a long history with us of being just fine to smear everywhere.


It doesn't look that great:


But she didn't really care:


And then I said "This is totally going in to Parent Hacks."

And then I thought "Come on. Somebody must have sent this in before. It's too obvious. I mean, the baby food was right next to the pasta sauce; someone else was bound to have seen that." (Because everyone stores their baby food and pasta sauce on the same shelf, like I do.)

So I looked on the Parent Hacks site and did a search. And sure enough, I found one. A nearly identical hack.

Sent in by Kittenpie. Like, 2 years ago.


Come on! Let me have one, Universe!

How small is this blog-verse, anyway?


SciFi Dad said...

Ah, young padawan,let me teach you in the ways of deception.

One day, Erin will learn the difference between healthy and yummy, and she will no longer eat her vegetables. You will stumble upon a book of evil incantations that is actually based on this principle you discovered. It will be written by the wife of a sitcom star (recently caught driving without brakes), and will offer you promises of the ability to deceive your daughter into eating veggies.

Don't do it. Do not be seduced by the ponytailed retro drawing on the cover. And for the love of all that is good and pure, never put chickpeas in your chocolate chip cookies!

-k said...

Seriously - she is darling! But I have the opposite problem...I can't get her to have junk food. She wants BEETS as snacks. Corn, Fruit, Green Beans, Carrots.

And I sit, like an idiot "HAVE A COOKIE!!! YOU'RE THREE!!!"

Backpacking Dad said...

Scifi Dad: No. I don't believe it. That's impossible!

I'll never join you (her).

What's interesting about this is it's not really deception that motivated me. I just wanted to use up the veggie packets I still had in my cupboard; and Erin wouldn't eat them straight because she needs to hold all of her food now.

-k: that's hilarious. She prefers red dirt to cookies? Gah. You can't pay me to eat beats.

Mandy said...

Ah, cute photo.

I am ashamed to admit that my oldest graduated to solid veggies and then one day, refused to eat them anymore. Unless they were baby food pureed veggies. So I re-started feeding him those jars of coloured glop.

About 5 months ago, he migrated back to veggies in their adult state... just in time for baby 2 to be starting the jars of puree. Let's hope there is no more regression for Nate!

mamatulip said...

Okay, I have never heard (or thought) of that, and hot damn, that is BRILLIANT!

kittenpie said...

Sorry 'bout that... didn't mean to steal your thunder!

Did you find the other half of that? Baby food fruits to sweeten plain yogurt without sugah. Good stuff.

An before you ask - no, I have no baby-feeding hacks involving spiders.

Backpacking Dad said...


Get off my brainwave.

for a different kind of girl said...

You should have dumped those veggies into a brownie mix. Other than that, the blog world is a speck.

Wait. You really didn't need an answer to that, did you? K. I just like to talk.

Northern_Girl said...

What a great idea...I never would have thought of that! Bonus points to you (regardless of other people's similar brilliance).

(Thanks for stopping by via DGM.)

Carmen said...

She;s so cute!

bsouth said...

If it's any help I'd never thought of doing that. I'm about to start weaning number two so thanks for the tip. By the way, you have a seriously beautiful baby.

Backpacking Dad said...

Thank you all for your "beautiful, darling baby" type comments. I agree. She's gorgeous.

When she isn't being a little squirmy tyrant.

Ah, who am I kidding. I love her tyrranical little face.