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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guest Post

If you want to read an unfunny post I've written about bullying, please visit Mom to the Screaming Masses, who has, in her wit, charm, and beauty, permitted me to guest-post while she is at the J&J Baby Camp thing.


emma said...

I think that learning to deal with bullying is a tricky thing, especially for girls, who are taught (by mass media if not by their parents) to be more meek, to be peace makers. I find it hard to teach a lesson that violence is not the answer - except when it is. Okay, example. My daughter was being harrassed by a kid on the school bus. She told him repeatedly (over several weeks) to stop, she told the bus driver and bus monitor as well, but the kids wouldn't stop. Finally she told him she would punch him if he didn't stop. He didn't so she punched him in the stomach. He never bothered her again. And she was about nine or ten at the time.
I can't help but feel that she dealt with this situation beautifully.
But boy it feels wrong to say, sometimes a punch is the answer.

Backpacking Dad said...

Yeah. It does feel wrong. But that sure seems like the appropriate response in her case.

Headless Mom said...

HB2 had a related incident last week. Came to help his friend being pummeled by another kid-mine got hit, he hit back (in the nose!) a third kid came to help...

Only the instigator got in trouble (thank goodness) but we told HB2 that it's always ok to defend yourself or someone else. But don't throw the first punch or you'll be in trouble.

I'm glad they don't go to a school that has a zero tolerance policy-I've heard about kids defending themselves and getting suspended or expelled. That's just crazy!!