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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Erin Learned How to Type

q2EW. YHNBG VGmjjzuezh z333333x

I did say "type" and not "spell".

She also figured out how to indent and change the font colour, apparently.

All I've learned today is that I am on a strange mailing list. Because Victoria's Secret sent me an offer for a free cotton panty* plus $10 off any bra!.

I think my abs would look awesome framed by a new bra and panty.

For those who missed it, I now have Ryan Reynolds abs. I've been to the gym two days in a row, and now I could easily be a body double for him if he does a prequel to "Just Friends".

Erin has also surprised me a couple of times in the last day or so. Out of the blue I asked her where her bear was, and she picked him up right away. I don't remember drilling the "bear" concept into her like I've done with "yellow" and "banana" and "piggy" and "daddy", but she picked it up anyway. Same with "hair". I only remember showing her what hair was once, and that was about a week ago. But sure enough when I asked her where her hair was she grabbed a handful of it to show me.

I love this kid.


And yes, that is a picture of her standing on a small table. She figured out how to remain standing a few days ago and in a brilliant moment of under-protective fathering I stood her up on the table and snapped a picture from a few feet away, hoping that she wouldn't suddenly forget how to stand and end up doing a nosedive over the edge.

I also threw her into the pool yesterday.

Am I good at this job or what?

* I actually had to go back and reread this part because I was sure the card said "pair of panties", but it says "free panty". I thought they always came in pairs. Maybe because I'm a guy they're only going to give me half of a pair of panties.


Heather J. said...

Erin is too cute for words.

The table....We let Maddie play on the table, and now she's asking for a pole.....just saying.

for a different kind of girl said...

By next week, that gorgeous girl should be down for surfing on the hood of cars and maybe running around the place with scissors. Go slow on that last idea. Start with the rounded safety tip scissors. You'll be glad you did.

Additionally, I'm happy to report that even the mental image of Ryan Reynolds in a pair of panties didn't turn me off. I wouldn't want him making a habit of it for me, but I will let it slide a few times.

Mandy said...

Great shot!

And I've never done anything remotely unsafe with my kids. Oh no. Not me. Uh uh.

Stacie said...

My husband is on that same mailing list. I was a bit concerned at first, I mean, sheesh...I've never purchased or wore a thing from VS in my life and here my DH is on the mailing list????? Turns out their associated with Bath and Body Works..or they share mailing lists or whatever, so keep your eye out for the $10 off Cherry Blossom Romance bubblebath for next week and maybe you can pick out your free panty in a pattern that just screams cherry Blossom! :)

Erin is absolutley adorable!

bsouth said...

yay - go Erin! will you be posting a self portrait of you in half panty and bra?!

THopgood said...

She's a cutie!

emma said...

Don't you just love watching their little minds work? I agree about how they take in words - you don't actually have to try very hard at all and they remember. Now if only I could have learned Spanish that easily. :)
Unfortunately my kids are now at the age where I either don't understand the words they're saying (I'm not taking my SAT's again, thank you) or I understand too well, and am horrified to hear such words coming out of their mouths!

Anonymous said...

Atleast she is fully clothed while standing on that table. My oldest (who is now nine) was a naturalist and loved streaking through the house naked.

But oh was she in her glory when she learned to climb and would stand on the kitchen table butt naked and dance...I do have to say that she thankfully grew out of that phase...

And i do think nakedness is genetic because my other three children loved to be naked too. In fact, i have a picture of my son, on top of my refridgerator butt ass naked holding a box of cake mix.

Yes, I snapped a picture of it. :0)

I do want to add tha tErin is seriously the cutest little doll baby.

(p.s. i wanna see a pic of the new abs framed by the panty and bra combo.)

kittenpie said...

It's amazing how language suddenly just takes off like a rocket. I was looking back through the baby book to help fill in our kindergarten forms (they wanted to know when she started talking and when she put words together, and so on), and was amazed to remember and see before me how words started in a trickle and in a few weeks, turned into a torrent.

And hey, I'm sexy-talking you? Lookit you with all your "oh, my abs" talk. Pah. Good thing Ryan Reynolds isn't my type, anyhow. You can keep him.

Backpacking Dad said...

Heather: Ok, I just need to point out that you said "pole".

FADKOG: She can already do a one-armed handstand while holding razor blades in her mouth. What a difference a couple of days make.

Mandy: I absolutely believe you.

Stacie: Oooh. Bubble bath. I just ran out too. That's not really a lie.

bsouth: I don't think anybody needs to see that action just yet.

Thopgood: Thank you!

Emma: Erin's first clear word involving sounds other than "dada" and "mama" was "duck". Immediately thereafter I told people not to teach her how to make an "f" sound.

Patti: at least she didn't start asking for a...whatever it is that Heather's daughter started asking for.

Kittenpie: I totally will keep him. I am pretty open about my two totally hetero man-crushes: Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Reynolds. I just added Ryan recently.