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Sunday, April 6, 2008

They can't all be winners.

So, I managed to thoroughly embarass myself over on the Parent Bloggers' March Madness Pool on CBS Sports that Chag put together. I managed to barely squeeze out more points than the guy who didn't fill in his brackets. But, I was picking teams fairly randomly, never having paid attention to basketball. Like. Ever. Since this was a chance to do something online-bloggy-parenty I gave it a shot.

However, tonight I believe I've redeemed myself. Today was the end of the NHL regular season, and not only did my favourite team (The Detroit Red Wings) finish first overall during the regular season, but my Fantasy team on NHL.Com in the, um, "Star Wars" league won the championship, defeating the team that has plagued me all year. I drafted this team at the beginning of the NHL season, and they pulled through for me.

So, two first time Fantasy Sports attempts, one a failure, and the other an unmitigated success.

The reason why I won the pool? My team name: The Weiner Dogs.

When Erin was about 5 months old we took her to her first county fair, a very lame excuse for a fair in San Mateo County. At this fair I won for Erin her first ever cheap-ass carney toys: Weiner Dog and Turtle. They are both plush disposa-toys, but she loves them, and I love to see her play with them. That was in August, and the draft happened in September, so The Weiner Dogs or The Turtles were obvious choices for team names.

Here is Erin with Weiner Dog and Turtle just seconds after I won them for her; if you sniff closely you can still detect that subtle hint of 20-day-unwashed-carney.

Erin's Weiner Dogs: 2007 Champions of the Star Wars Fantasy Hockey League on NHL.Com.

Go Red Wings!


Mandy said...

Ah a post about the NHL. We're still crying over here in Vancouver having been shut out of the playoffs. How can that have happened? How?

But anyway congrats on your successes (if not in basketball pools)!

And cute picture. Don't you love looking back and seeing how much they've changed in a few short months?

Backpacking Dad said...

Well, Luongo may be the best goalie in the league, but you can't score goals if your team is all on the injured reserve. It was bad luck that your boys got hurt so badly toward the end of the season.

for a different kind of girl said...

Where I sit, it's basketball or it's nothing. At least from what the boy types in my house tell me. Whenever we watch a game, I have to turn to one of them (including the six year old) and ask "Is that good?"

I am a sports cliche.

the new girl said...

I love how she's clutching the turtle.

Those eyes are killers.

SciFi Dad said...

From one Wing fan to another: let's hope Hasek's groin holds up. And, as one dad to another, let's never talk about another man's groin, OK? OK.

Backpacking Dad said...

FADKOG: Yes. Yes you are. It's better when your team has more points at the end of the game, unless it's golf. And then it's probably not a team anyway.

New Girl: She slays me with them eveyr day.

SciFi Dad: That is a DEAL. Wings are getting 11:2 in Vegas. Anaheim is getting 5:1. Sheesh.