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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's it...I quit: Sibling Rivalry enters the Information Age

There are too many people I know in real life who read this thing. What's the fun of writing semi-anonymous confessionals or showing off my mad dad skillz yo if someone who actually knows me can sneak up behind me and tell everyone what a terrible person I really am?


I know my mother-in-law reads it. I'm pretty sure my step-mother reads it. I don't know if my dad reads it. But my sister also reads it. What's more, she's started her own blog.

Just to copy me. Sheesh. She just can't stand that I'm doing something she's not.

It doesn't end there. She's been copying me my whole life. When I got a cat, she had to get a cat. When I would play "Lothar of the Tree People" in the woods behind our house, she had to play "Lothar of the Tree People" in the woods behind our house. When I started a Facebook page, she started a Facebook page. When I met a girl online and moved to California and got married and had a baby, she met a girl online and moved to California and got married and had a baby.

No. That's a complete and total fabrication. She's not gay, and she would never move to California ;}

And seriously, I don't feel like she's copying me at all.

I love that sometimes she and I will like the same things (blogging being the latest, apparently), and that we will still just click over things. On those rare occasions that I make it back home we usually end up staying up too late and giggling over some stupid, otherwise unremarkable thing. That's some sibling-magic right there.

Despite the fact that I have always been a terrible older brother, she has persisted in treating me like family, and I just can't resist that. So, because I'm a loving older brother now (even if I never call), I'm totally adding her to my blogroll.

Because I like her at least as much as the strangers whose lives I stalk every day.

Go visit her at My Dog is Better and say "Hi Shannon. Your [edit] brother is awesome. You're so lucky to be in his life."



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Anonymous said...

What a kind brother you are. I'm off over there now. Will you mind if I swap your link for hers on my blog ;->

mommastantrum said...

What a sweet boy you are.

Although I think that her dog is CRAZY!!!

And your baby is so cute and interesting. So I will keep reading here. Until someone gets boring or ugly.

Chances of that are slim though.

for a different kind of girl said...

In the event it appears I came here and then squatted like a homeless person, it's because my own sister called just as I was catching up here. I'll go visit your sister. My sister doesn't have a blog. You want her phone number so you can call her?

Becky said...


Cute. You're sweet. Wanna be my older brother too?

Patti Mayo said...

I've already been over to her blog briefly, but now I'll have to start spending some time there and see if she tells us any stories about you.

Not too many people I know in real life know about my blog just so I can keep up the semi-annonymous (sp?) blogging. Oh the stories I could tell you about my siblings...and one is moving in with me at the end of the keep watch...I'm sure it's about to get interesting.

Scary Mommy said...

LOL. You sound just like me and my brother,and it is really nice to have random things to bond over.

And I so wish that I had not told my family about this blog thing. Oh, the stories I could tell if they weren't looking!!!

Mumma Boo said...

There's nothing like sibling-magic! Especially if it involves several bottles of wine, large quantities of chocolate, and endless riffing on the other relatives, like it does at my family get-togethers. You're a good guy for sharing your sister's blog with us - I already stopped over to say Hi.

The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

You're a good brother. I'll go over and say "hi!


My_Dog_Is_Better said...

Ok, first of all, there are like 300 million bloggers in this world, what makes you think I'm copying YOU?

Second of all, the FIRST CAT WAS MINE and you STOLE her from me! You totally tried to act like you were buying her from me but then you made me go buy cat food with the money.

Third of all, I'm pretty sure our stepmother got me to join Facebook.

Fourth of all, you're right, I'm not gay and I would never move to California because a)I love boys and b) your day trips just sound way more boring than mine on the east coast.

But seriously, how come you like me now? You're freaking me out.

And "y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e" means "you are". "Y-o-u-r" means "your!"

Oh, and thanks for sending people to my blog, I'm totally like famous for the day.

Headless Mom said...

Very cute! I'll go visit after my monsters go to bed...

My brother blogs at

We're very different from one another but it sounds like we have a great relationship like you and Shannon!

Backpacking Dad said...

I know what "you're" and "your" mean. That's why I used the correct one.

Oh. Nevermind.



For everybody else: Thanks for checking out her blog and making her feel famous :} And also, none of what she said is true. C'mon. Who buys a cat from his sister and then makes her spend the money on cat food for his new cat? That's ridiculous.

Rick said...

I can't imagine any of my siblings blogging. 2 of the 3 own computers, but none use them more than for simple email. Sad in this day and age...

SciFi Dad said...

No hills where you grew up?

If you're gonna mess with Hartman, at least get the name right, dude... Lothar of the HILL People.


Heather J. said...

That's one crazy dog.

My sister started a blog after I did, it's got one entry. She suck's at the sibling rivalry thing.

Kimberly said...

My sister has a myspace page and my mother used to blog. My cousin got me started blogging over 3 years ago when I was reading I guess we keep it in the family.

I did have a neighbor once that totally copied me. Started a blog not log after me. Named it _____ville - just like mine. Had the same blogger template, and it went on from there...

Loralee Choate said...

Your sibling relationship sounds an awful lot like mine.

Except my brother used to tell me I had leprosy and that I couldn't play with him and his friends because I was "Unclean".