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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Pretty Good Saturday

I'm going to grow sentimental here for a moment. Pardon my sappy-bastardness.

Saturday morning we woke up and I made pancakes from scratch. It turns out all you need for pancakes from scratch is flour, baking powder (not soda), salt, maybe sugar, and some milk for mixin'. After pancakes I was given permission by my girls, one of whom took a nap and the other of whom did lawyer stuff (you figure out which; and boy are those big corporations sorry they messed with Erin last week) to watch the Red Wings duct tape the Predators to their lockers.

Once the hockey game was over we piled into the car and drove for an hour down to the beach at Santa Cruz. It was gorgeous and 92 degrees, and we rode on the Cavetrain ride and let Erin play in the sand.

Well. "Play in" may not be correct. "Eat" might be more honest.


I also saw #3 on my list of "Things I didn't want to see in Santa Cruz today": A mostly naked fat dude in a tiny cowboy hat with a plastic sword playing "Dance Dance Revolution".


The purpose of the trip wasn't merely to enjoy the sun and the beach (and mostly naked fat dudes in tiny cowboy hats with plastic swords playing "Dance Dance Revolution"). Every six weeks or so, ever since Mother's Day, we've taken the trip down to Santa Cruz in order to climb into one of those photo-booths and snap some black-and-white shots of our little family as we age. Erin's first birthday is coming up, so this Saturday marked the completion of our year-long photo project. There are lots of photo-booths around, much closer than Santa Cruz, but we're nothing if not creatures of sentimental habit, so we've made the same trip for a year.

Here is a picture of all of those pictures, including one of just Emily and I before Erin was even a hint:


Here's a link if you want a closer look.

After our photo-ing was completed we had dinner at a Greek restaurant we've been going to the last few times we've made the trip. They have a deceptively garlicky tzatziki, and we always forget until we're in the car later and in desperate need of gum. Well, Emily will tell you that I am the one who forgets and is in desperate need of gum. And she wouldn't be lying.

We drove home on the 1, up the coast, having been stymied in our attempt to go back through the mountains earlier. It was dark and quiet, and we passed beach after beach, and a lighthouse on the peninsula jutting out into the ocean.

Home finally, and exhausted, Emily lay down with Erin on her chest. And Erin, her wiggly energy dissipated through hours sand-eating and posing for the camera, passed out, snoring gently under Emily's chin.  It's been a long time since she has done that.

Since the fourth picture from the right, I think.


Patti Mayo said...

I'm at a loss for words over the guy naked in a cowboy hat play DDR...and if you knew me in real'd know I'm rarely ever at a loss for words.

THopgood said...

What a great idea for the picture tradition!

MereCat said...

I love the photobooth tradition! What a fun day for you guys. I can't believe nekkid dude.

Mandy said...

Very cute,but dude... can't believe you took a picture of that guy. My eyes! My eyes!

mamatulip said...



I can now say I have seen it all. *SHUDDER*

mommastantrum said...

Okay, so after the "mostly naked guy in the tiny cowboy hat" I am not so jealous of your trip.

I am however feeling all sentinmental and weepy about your traditions. And I totally miss the eating sand age...those were the good days...

DeeDee said...

DUDE!! I have always wanted to see a half nekkid guy in red undies wearing a cowboy hat bustin' a move on DDR!! I'm off to sulk now from pure jealousy!

The picture booth idea is cool. Very creative.

I may have to steal it but I'll totally give you credit.

My_Dog_Is_Better said...

Wow, did that ugly naked guy thing really happen? Definitely a sitcom moment. It looks like that guy in the background is equally as impressed, he looks like he's taking a picture.

But tell any time did you glance around for Candid Camera cameras?

for a different kind of girl said...

First - In a world ripe with "No shirt, no shoes, no service," how does someone sporting the fine red baby boy briefs get in anywhere!? In my innocent little midwestern mind, this screams, "Hi, I'm a pedophile! Come play with me!"

Second - Where do you think the dude keeps his quarters for the big game playing?

Third - At first blush, I thought he was completing his sexy ensemble by sporting a holster in place of that game bar.

Fourth - I'm spending entirely too much time highlighting the Crimson Cowboy on his trusty DDR steed, aren't I?

Fifth - This picture tradition of yours rocks. Like underwear clad men of the old West, we don't have photo booths anywhere around here anymore. That's sad. I loved those things with my friends as a kid when we'd be let loose in the mall...back in the day before people like the Hanes Ranger prowled the food courts.

Finally - I have been known to play DDR in the comfort of my own living room. Totally wearing just underwear. Totally.

for a different kind of girl said...


Does the sword mean he's some kind of ninja cowboy? Because ninja cowboys would definitely rock.

Redneck Mommy said...


Naked, tubby cowboy dancing with a sword.

Since when did you move to my neck of the woods???

Mumma Boo said...

Please tell me that was some sort of hazing incident for UC-Santa Cruz. It's ok to lie just this once. Really.

Backpacking Dad said...

Although not visible in the pic there were a LOT more people taking snapshots of this guy. And also not visible in the pic, this was an Asian tubby naked sword-weilding cowboy. He was rolling with a crew of non-naked, non-cowboy, non-sword-weilding, Asian frat-looking-guys. So I assume that Mumma Boo has guessed correctly. It was some kind of UC Santa Cruz hazing stunt.

Still. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and have my eyes stapled closed.

Mumma Boo said...

Thank you for lying to me. I feel much better now. :)

cry it out! said...

I did not give you permission to take a photo of me while I am dancing. I work very hard on my moves, my wardrobe and my figure, and I don't want anyone stealing them.


Backpacking Dad said...

Mike: sorry dude, I'll cut you a check from all the huge bank I'm raking in here from the unsuspecting mommy bloggers.