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Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Guru

It is easy to forget, in the middle of the night when she insists that she is certainly no longer tired and that she would like some water, milk, pizza, a Nintendo Wii, or Australia, that she is an adorable little guru, teaching deep lessons deeply at the same time that she is learning deep lessons deeply.

I infer that one of the routines at daycare, one of her lessons in childhood, is a naptime ritual. They will pull the mats out, lay the kids out on them (though not with a left hook), cover them with blankets, and then use a series of soft pats and back rubs accompanied by "shhh. shhh," to put the kids to sleep (though not in the Sending to a Farm in Upstate New York sense).

I infer this because she will, on occasion (every day, six or twenty times), pull a "mat" out (in actuality a seat back pocket storage bag for the car), lay her baby doll out on it (though not with an uppercut), cover it with a blanket, and then use a series of soft pats and back rubs accompanied by "shhh. shhh," to put the baby doll to sleep (though not in the Goldfish Toilet Funeral sense).

She has learned this lesson deeply.

This morning as I sat her in her high chair for breakfast, buckling her in for safety before setting down her plate of eggs, buttered whole wheat mini-bagel and banana, I was arrested in my progress by the most distressing sight I can imagine.

She had pulled the mat out, lain her baby doll out on it...

...and then nothing. Because dad swooped her up and buckled her in her high chair for safety before setting down her plate of eggs, buttered whole wheat mini-bagel and banana.

But she teaches her lessons deeply, my guru. Because without so much as an imploring gaze or whimpering mewl about an incomplete routine, without any indication at all that she was interested in the world beyond her plate of eggs, buttered whole wheat mini-bagel and banana, I reached down and covered her baby doll with a blanket, and then used a series of soft pats and back rubs accompanied by "shhh. shhh," to put her baby doll to sleep (in the Kid, You Made Me Dad sense).

I am not just her dad because of her. I am Dad, overflowing with Dadness.


ChurchPunkMom said...


awe.. and what a good dad you are!!

Michelle said...

Glad you didn't hoard this. Those little ones are amazing teachers, aren't they?

Juliness said...

Love this! I am also glad you didn't wait to post.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, and I love that you were aware enough to notice her doll and help her finish her little job. ;-)

Mr Lady said...

Damn it, man. Stop making me like you so much. That was beautiful and now i have to be all sincere and stuff. Curse you, you big softie you.

Tami said...

Do you realize that stories like that are what make the millions of mommy bloggers that read you completely fall in love with you???

Stupid little smile on my face thinking of the adorable daughter and her hot dad putting her "baby" down for a nap.

All together now...awwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Swirl Girl said...

"without so much as an imploring gaze or whimpering mewl "

this was the best line ever of the best post ever...


Jill said...

Awwwwww! Aren't you a sweet, sweet daddy?!

Ha! My word verification is ratedd
Rated D: For Dad!

ladyeunicorn said...


Ali said...

dad of the year right there. hell, i might even be willing to give you mom of the year for this ;)

Anonymous said...

That is very sweet :)

Its all down hill from here though! Next is pushing a pram with "baby" inside or shushing her while standing in line at Woolworths!

Heather said...

This only confirms my suspicions.

Kimberly said...

So sweet. You are a good poppa to all :)

What I really love is that your angel has wants/needs like my girls. Needing a snack, more playtime, a drink or a small country often plagues their bedtime rituals.

Redneck Mommy said...

I love it that you play with dolls.


I can't wait for your first tea party. Promise to take pictures for us, will you?

Goldfish said...

My momness loved this.

Kaza said...

Too fucking sweet. Like, I've got a new cavity here! Thanks a lot. But srsly, really really sweet. Good daddy.

MadWoman said...

Aww I love this. You're just a big ball of mush inside aren't you?

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry but you had me with scrambled eggs. Possibly because I'm hungry. Seriously, that was too sweet. I wish you were my daddy too.

Michelle said...

That is adorable. What a sweetie.

Backpacking Dad said...

ChurchPunkMom: thanks :}

Michelle: Yup.

Juliness: Glad you liked it.

andij1967: I love that you loved this post.

Mr Lady: My next one isn't as sappy :}

Tami: Your hyperbole is infectious and it's going to my head.

Swirl Girl: no, thank you :}

Jill: awesome :}

ladyunicorn: :}

Ali: Do I get a sash or something?

harassedmomramblings: prams and Woolworths! You, ma'am, aren't from around here are you? :}

Heather: What suspicions are those?

Kimberly: She's usually pretty good about bedtime. It's after she's been asleep for a few hours that she decides that she suddenly needs all of these things :}

Redneck Mommy: What makes you think I haven't already had a tea party?

Goldfish: :}

Kaza: Dentist approved: Backpacking Dad.

MadWoman: I am a sappy bastard.

Stefanie: I'd father the world if I could. Wait. That sounded more cult-leader/sex-addict than I meant it.

Michelle: No you are.

SciFi Dad said...

either that, or the sleep deprivation has finally rendered you clinically insane

Zach Moses said...

I love this post. I've been reading your blog off and on for a while, and this post pushed me over the edge to not just subscribe to your feed, but to add you to my bookmarks. Good Job.

-Zach Moses (fellow backpacking dad)