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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So What?

So what if I tacked an extra seven years onto her age?

So what if I constantly tease her about her love for a bottom-dwelling has-been team that was only ever good when there was a guy named Messier playing for them?

So what if I posted a picture of her on the blog that she made me swear would never see the light of day?

Tell me, are any of these, severally or together, reason for Tanis, the Redneck Mommy, to go slumming with the boys from DadCentric?

Tell me, honestly? And it's not like she's just hanging out with them. No, she's doing an interview with them. An interview! When the whole world knows that the definitive Redneck Mommy Interview was conducted right here in this space!

I tell ya. There's no accounting for taste. I mean, sure the guys at DadCentric are funnier than I am. And better writers. And better looking. But I give away notebooks produced to promote movies in the 80s.

Loyalty. It used to mean something.


(Editor's Note: I love DadCentric. Whit Honea is my blogging idol. Tanis is wonderful. I am not really bothered by this in any way shape or form. But, come on! :} )


Redneck Mommy said...

Don't worry dude.

You'll always be my number one.

At least, when Whit, Will, Danny, Jim and Chag aren't around.


Whit said...

Blog drama! Oh, wait, not blog drama. It's like reality TV!

Don't worry, we'll return her in one piece.

I'll send you a check for the kind words. Usual amount?

Vicki said...

You guys are so cute what with your little war of words and stuff...aaaawwwww.


Sorry, just had to say it...

Backpacking Dad said...

redneck mommy: I'm so honoured.

whit: I'm going to go eat a snake and then try to tango with an amputee while also making over my closet. I'm bringing it, for realz yo. And yes, the usual. 12 near-chocolate dark Belgian beers.

vicki: I know. Don't you just want to puke?

Jason said...

I don't get it. Er, Backpacking Dad...I'm sorry? For arranging the whole Whit/Tanis interview? Can I send you a t-shirt or something? I feel bad.

Backpacking Dad said...

Jason: no apologies necessary. I know it was Whit's plan. That devious, devious Whit. ;}

Elisa said...

Dude, you missed a perfect chance. You should have told him that you appreciated his apology and you gracefully accepted it ans the t-shirt, and that they should interview you next.

I tell you, men have so much to learn in the fine art of manipulation. That's why girls love their dads so much (spoken like a true daddy's girl) ;-)