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Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Keeping the Notebooks.

It's not that the entries in the Best Damn Blog Giveaway in the History of Blog Giveaways weren't great. I just haven't read them. (Of course I read them.) So, rather than go out and read them and then try to judge which ones are the best and then announce which ones are the best and then have people say "You only picked that one because she flattered you first" or "You only picked that one because he flashed some moob" I've decided I'm just going to keep the damn notebooks for myself.

I ought to have said I was going to use a random number generator or something. Instead I put a bunch of pressure on myself to judge, even if arbitrarily, and then announce that to the world and let everyone know not only which ones I judged to be the best, but by insinuation which ones I judged to Who wants that kind of drama?

Not this guy.

So, I'm keeping the Notebooks. All the entries were great. I loved getting versions of the Breakfast Club letter. I loved seeing that 6 minute video compression of the entire Breakfast Club film backed by the theme. But I can't be that guy.

Still here?


I'm totally picking winners. Because I don't care about the drama. Hurl your accusations. But go and read these two.

Rita Arens wins for her short but bottomless entry on why she identifies with Allison from the Breakfast Club. I re-read this one five times because I wasn't done getting it all.

And FADKOG wins for her long but topless entry on why she is most like Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles. I only read this one once, but once was all I could handle. I'm still not finished laughing.

As for the rest, alas, I only have two notebooks. If you want one of them I highly encourage you to stalk Rita and FADKOG and commit a felony. (I in no way endorse or encourage you to (a) stalk anyone or (b) commit felonies. Disclaimers work like this, right?) This has inspired me to think of even more giveaways to do, though. Thank you for your entries, thank you for reading everyone else's entries, and thank you for not, as of yet, throwing any bricks through my windows.

Rita and FADKOG, please e-mail me at backpackingdad at backpacking dad dot com with an address where you would like me to send your prizes. It does not have to be your own address. In fact, I kind of want to send them to a friend's house and have you constantly going over there to ask them if they have any mail for you.


Anonymous said...

Well deserved winners. Dang, for a second I thought I was gonna have to go bobcat on your ass.

Jill said...

Is it because I called you Gay Ray? It's because I called you Gay Ray, isn't it? Damn! Me and my big mouth. Well, great. Now I just humilated myself for nothing.

Redneck Mommy said...

Who are you kidding? You totally loved judging all those entries. I can just imagine you donning a white wig and a long black robe and sitting down with your gavel in hand.

Oh wait. That was my fantasy.

And you weren't in it.

Why do I always confuse you with Whit???

Anyways. Nice choice. Fadkog totally had my vote.

Not that you let me have a vote. Stupid dictator. But if this were a democracy, she'd have my vote.

for a different kind of girl said...

Totally awesome!

BPD, you're my ideal. ;)

Kelley said...

I was kinda hoping you would keep them for yourself and then I could sit back and watch the carnage here and on twitter.


Damn conformist.

MeL said...

I totally missed the contest, but can I get points for sharing? I totally lost my virginity while watching The Breakfast Club. Because I am Just. That. Emo. (Obvs I'd be Allison. Or maybe the demented clone-spawn combination of Allison and Claire...)

Or maybe I just need more coffee before I get all crazy and start commenting this early on a Saturday. Eh?

Always Home and Uncool said...

As I suspected. It was all a plot for your to get women's addresses.

you da mom! said...

i'm glad you picked fadkog. i'm not glad that i didn't know about this contest until it was far too late. i'm also not glad that you didn't bring back a 'pretty in pink' notebook. furthermore, i'm not glad i didn't get to write about how i was harry dean stanton's character, the lazy, possibly alcoholic dad who lies about getting a job and doesn't know his daughter's shoe size or that she hates eggs.

Rita Arens said...

I got the e-mail saying I won just as I was questioning whether or not I should continue to paint my foyer red, as that's not what cool people do at 11 p.m. on Friday night.

Seriously, dude, thanks.