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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Harmonic Insomniac Journey

Or, reason number 143 why you shouldn't click on any Twitter links after 11pm.

@karlerikson, aka Secondhand Karl, tweeted a link to this pretty daunting video. On Youtube. I'm sure you've all wandered down Youtubian roads and ended up in unexpected places. But dammit, I had to go to sleep. Nevertheless, I clicked. And watched.

How had I never heard of this multi-tracking self-recording phenomenon before? I needed to check out some basic works after that; some ground floor stuff.

And scruffy haired/bearded guy was pretty good. Also? He had recorded a couple from "The Music Man". Because if you are at all interested in barbershop type stuff you know "The Music Man". I was in the barbershop quartet in "The Music Man" myself.

But then the lingo started dropping. This is the guy who introduced me to the term "tag". He hasn't dropped any phat multi-tracking tags in a while though. Because he has a part in "The Music Man" that's keeping him busy.

I saw a couple of names crop up here and there, "FineyLee" and "VancePerry" so I went looking for them. This right here is a fantastic tag, if I understand what "tag" means, by FineyLee.

And this is an overtone.

But then someone in the comments was all "I just find it easier to hear overtones when I listen to bhsnerd's tags." And I was all "Oh snap!" So, still not really knowing what an "overtone" was I clicked over onto a bhsnerd clip.

And figuring I'd learn about overtones through osmosis I just kept clicking.

Although, to me, bhsnerd sounds overproduced. Nice, but it's not "street". You know? So what about VancePerry?

This was a little more "street", because dude is rockin' his girth like nobody's business. But still a little too studio. Like he's selling out. Just keep it real, yo.

This was more like it. Just a bunch of guys who can't afford a webcam singing some barbershop. And I realized that's really what I was after. Not multi-tracking or single tags. But full-on barbershop. Multi-voiced rather than multi-tracked. And video. Because honestly who knows if that last one was different guys. It kind of sounds like the same guy, but with a picture of four guys up to trick you. No more tricks.

So I found a barbershop quartet.

But there, leaping out at me from the sidebar, was a fabulous word:


And once you've toked a quartet and snorted an octet there's nothing left for it but to mainline a whole chorus.

But I felt like I was going to OD. So I did a simple search for "barbershop quartet", just so I could take the edge off and go to sleep.

Stop dancing. It doesn't make it less racist.


mcCutcheon said...

dude, please, just get some sleep. this is worse than anything I've ever done in my worst insomniac times. I think.

mcCutcheon said...

damnit, now I watched the first couple of clips. must refrain from further procrastination, but this really is awesome!

ALI said...

I really loved this! I managed to waste a good 45 minutes when I should have been getting the kids ready to leave!

for a different kind of girl said...

DUDE! I just totally sat here and watched every damn one of these clips! WTH?

Here's what I learned:

- I could develop pretty decent-sized crush on that scruffy dude.

- My theory that it's impossible NOT to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody has again been proven. Because I sang along. I have a very healthy bass.

- I think you owe me. I don't know what, but I just do. Totally.

Vicki said...

LMAO. You truly need to sleep man. Just go take an Ambien or something. And stop snorting that stuff, your nose will fall off like Michael Jackson.

Redneck Mommy said...

Dude I could think of a dozen better ways to fall asleep than watching those clips.

But where is the clip of you singing in YOUR quartet?

That is what the world is lusting to see. Your public demands it.

Sammanthia said...

The videos aren't working for me... I'm just gonna have to take your word for it.

Backpacking Dad said...

mccutcheon: I keep playing them over and over again :}

ali: sweet. I forever own those 45 minutes of your life.

FADKOG: Name it.

vicki: I still haven't slept. It's been days and all I've done is watch harmonic singing videos over and over again.

redneck mommy: thankfully, I think there is no record of that performance

sammanthia: try them now. or now. or now. they crapped out on me once too.

Don Mills Diva said...

My God Youtube is addictive isn't it? Graham always asks to fin one more song before bed and before i Know it it's 9 p.m.!

BTW - did you know my hubby was nominated for an Emmy for the tv version of Music Man with Matthew Broderick? True story - I'm actually going to finally write some posts about our trip to the Emmys soon.