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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Backpacking Dad's Food Hijinks

So, you know how your little vaccum cleaner, I mean child will cruise around the house picking microscopic bits of stuff up off the floor and eating it?

Well, today I was in the kitchen at the pull out cutting board dicing a jalepeno...

Ok, so no pieces fell to the floor to be sucked up by my curious little super-crawler; but I was thinking about it the entire time I was dicing. I was actually planning my post-ingestion emergency steps in my head (without ever ceasing my mutilation of the pepper of course, because dinner is what's important, right?).


So, you know how when you have your daughter in the backpack and you are giving her pieces of cheese on-the-go because the train is coming and you have to get on soon and she drops cheese down your back and you don't notice it until you are at home, un-back-packed, watching the hockey game and you get up to use the restroom and when you get back to the living room you see the cheese stuck to your chair?

Well, the other day....

This is yet another reason why mini-bagels are the best backpacking food. Cheese is sticky.


for a different kind of girl said...

The reward in this is you didn't fall out in the bathroom during bathroom proceedings and you were left terrified at what condition may have befallen you.

Additionally, that must be some amazing time-release cheese!

for a different kind of girl said...

Um...the cheese. The cheese didn't fall out in the bathroom...

Not that I think you were likely confused and needed clarity. It's the former editor in me coming out. The one who doesn't edit her own stuff very well.

Backpacking Dad said...

Yes, neither the cheese nor myself fell out in the bathroom.

It was stuck to the back of my shirt, which, while sitting down, was pressed firmly against the back of my chair; when I got up the cheese transferred from shirt to chair. It was gross. And like an hour and a half old.

emorc said...

Matthew like Cheerios when we go out. You'd be amazed at some of the places those little "o"s can end up in - and how sticky they are!

Backpacking Dad said...

Erin is already bored with cheerios. I think she's bored with cheese too; I may have to move up to pate or caviar.

Mandy said...

I feed Nate all the greatest foods in the car: Motts fruit sauces, juicy oranges, sticky granola bars and fruit chews. Is it any wonder the car needs to be detailed?

But I can even begin to imagine all that stuff dripping down my back... ugh!

Have you tried something like Goldfish crackers? (Or the more chemical free organic versions if you don't like feeding your kid food products that can potentially glow in the dark.)

Backpacking Dad said...

Ah, crackers. But you see, with crackers I have to keep going back to the well; she's not going to hold the bag in her hand and take them out one by one. The cheese, on the other hand, and on that particular day, was something quick that she could hold onto and takes bites from.

But as I've said, mini-bagels are really the preferred food.

And now I have to change my shirt, because just thinking about Mott's running down my back has made me feel dirty.