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Friday, August 22, 2008

Say It

It's been an explosion of signed and spoken vocabulary up in here recently. And really, I think Erin owes almost all of her education to Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins from Signing Time. It is not unusual for the following conversation to take place:

"Father, would you be so kind as to operate the remote control device and cause the television set to display that Show of Shows, Signing Time, so that I may gaze fondly and deeply into Alex's wintry blue eyes and learn the signs for "napkin", "outside", and "love of my life forever"?"

"No, sweetie. We already watched Signing Time today. In fact, we watched it half an hour ago. How about some toys? Books? Are you hungry?"

"Sir, I believe you misunderstand me. I was not, in fact, making a request. And honestly, were you not so dense you would have seen that my frantic, insistent gestures belied my polite tone. You will operate the remote control device as directed, or I shall spend the next hour standing next to you trying to rip your left shift key off. Again."

"Here, kid. Do you want this Goldfish Cracker that I found on the floor? Go fetch."

"You are really quite exasperating. Please, do us both the kindness of not pretending that I am an idiot, or easily distracted by shiny crackers. I must visit with Alex immediately. I learned the sign for "prom" and I'm pretty sure that's what he has been secretly signing to me during the "Down on Leah's Farm" song. I must assure him that yes, I will be his date to the prom."

"Erin. Stop unplugging my computer. Daddy's trying to blog. Ahhh, don't send that Tweet! How did you find my file of bad novel ideas? Here. Watch some Signing Time and leave me alone for half an hour."

"I win."

I'm pretty sure the amount I write is in direct proportion to how much Signing Time she watches.

(Note: that file of bad novel ideas is no lie. It's there on my hard drive. And it's not just novels. There's a cartoon strip. And an art exhibit. The crown jewel is the culinary murder mystery.)


Anonymous said...

I like cookies on my pizza, I like cookie pizza please...

My justification is that at least it's PBS.

Aunt Becky said...

Alex expresses the same sentiments. Except for through massive screaming fits. It's fun. Especially the loss of my hearing.

Swirl Girl said...

That look in their eyes says it all when words or signs don't.

Nancy said...

Persuasive oratory ... even through signing =)

Anonymous said...

You play fetch with your kids, too? It works better with chocolate.

Robin said...

My daughter signed as well. You have seen the sign she used when she wanted to husband picked up on it as well and still uses it..well...for other things..TIF?

whoorl said...

Every time Wito puts on a pair of my sunglasses, he launches into a 3-minute soliloquy imitating Rachel at the first of the "Box of Crayons" episode when she has the 3D-type glasses on. He literally knows the entire speech, word for word. IT IS FRIGHTENING.

Wendy said...

Scooby-Doo does the trick around here.

Or, "If you don't quit climbing on me right now I'm going to turn Scooby-Doo off!"

Jennifer said...

okay so now you HAVE to post your bad novel idea file.

for a different kind of girl said...

Everything my kids learned about talking, they learned from Scooby Doo and my nonstop chatter. We don't get the program you mention here. The signing they learned came from books I worked from, and old school Blue's Clues. Trouble with that, though, was I spent a lot of time signing 'I love you," to Steve, and asking him to love me more. Eventually, my kids got really uncomfortable with the lessons, so we had to stop.

But I still love that damn Steve, and Scooby Doo drives me insane.

Laura said...

My kids ask for Spongebob and cartoon network. What's the sign for "GO OUTSIDE"!?

kittenpie said...

I totally have random ideas for novels and cartoon lying around, too. Likely never to be plumbed.

Mine is currently playing bowling while I read blogs. Awesome.

catnip said...

Sadly, I too have a bad novel idea file on my hard drive. I'm guessing your bad ideas are better than my good ideas anyday.

Carolyn...Online said...

I can't even say the only sign that my 7 & 8 year old know. Totally not my fault though.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Culinary Murder Mystery? That sounds like pure gold. Synopsis please, good sir.

bejewell said...

Compared to my upcoming "Fatty and Whitey" series (with volume titles like "Fatty and Whitey Make Cheese," "Fatty and Whitey Eat Trolls for Breakfast," and "Fatty and Whitey Do Vegas"), I'd say your culinary murder mystery is like, brilliant.

But that's not really saying much.

Dan said...

TV is our saviour

Redneck Mommy said...

Yes, BPD. A synopsis please, of your culinary murder mystery. I need a good laugh. Er, I mean, I'm sure it will be nothing short of literary brilliance.

Loralee Choate said...

I used to do some singing with Rachel a LONG time ago. It's pretty cool how her series has taken off.

If we have any more kids I am totally going to use sign

MadWoman said...

How you know they're bad novel ideas?

Never. Fight. With. A. Child.

You'll always lose. It's just good advice dude.

KT said...

This is the parenthood people do not tell you about when you claim that your child will not watch more than 1 hour of TV per week...with you watching along his/her side. Yeah. Right. At least you appear to be realistic about it....after a while. LOL

D.M. Wright said...

Wow, she has great vocabulary. Love the blog!

Backpacking Dad said...

insta-mom: NOOOOO. stuck in head forever now.

aunt becky: well, at least you'll be able to sign with him when you're deaf.

swirl girl: the look like death. or starvation.

nancy: indeed :}

browerfamilyof5: ah, good tip.

robin: the visuals!

whoorl: that is awesome. :}

wendy: I can't wait until she's old enough for Scooby.

jennifer: but someone might steal them!

FADKOG: I'm avoiding Blue's Clues for as long as possible.

laura: I know that one!

kittenpie: video games are right around the corner

catnip: oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that :}

carolyn online: I'll teach her that one soon.

immoral matriarch: never!!

bejewell: it's going to be awesome :}

dan: word.

redneck mommy: well, there's this dad who gets invited to a redneck mommy's house for dinner and he offers to cook.....

loralee: I have this image of her as a total swearing goth chick when she's not taping her fingers up and putting on the jumpsuit.

madwoman: yeah. so I see.

kt: well, hopeful, at least :}

d.m. wright: thanks!

elfini said...

I just found you site today and this post had me in tears! I'm pretty sure your 16mo Erin and my 16mo Erin were separated at birth. Or something like that.

Does your Erin also have a scream so high-pitched it sends all the neighborhood dogs running?!